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von Wurmern Rainfarn Beifu? und Nelken auf
Wurmer Lebedev Pop-Up Mad Laboratory - | Halloween | Pinterest | Jars, Halloween games and Face creams Full text of " Catalogue of the books, manuscripts, maps and drawings in the British museum (Natural history).." See other formats.

Wurmer Lebedev

During the meeting it was stated that it would be of importance to compile literature data from the northern Europe on parasites and parasitic diseases of fish.

One reason for this is the fact that in countries outside Russia, the Russian literature, due to the language, is usually not well known. Wurmer Lebedev some early, especially Scandinavian, investigations have remained Bild Arten von Wurmern as they were published in Wurmer Lebedev Nordic language only.

A bibliography Wurmer Lebedev fish parasites and diseases, covering the geographical area in question, is Wurmer Lebedev to be useful today as the interest in fish parasitology has increased substantially in recent Wurmer Lebedev. It is, in addition, feasible to produce such a work now because of the new efficient means to deal with bibliographic information given by present day computers.

We hope that the bibliography will be of use Wurmer Lebedev scientists and students alike. As the titles of publications originally given in Russian or Nordic languages have been translated into English we hope that this will promote the availability of this literature. Indices of scientific names and general terms occurring in the title are included to Wurmer Lebedev the references accessible. In the work special emphasis was put on the early literature which today so-far has not been systematically introduced to any mainframe computers, while current studies efficiently can be retrieved from on line databases.

The criteria used for introducing references into the bibliography, and Wurmer Lebedev subsequent database, were Wurmer Lebedev so that these should include parasite- and parasitic disease data related to Wurmer Lebedev from northern Europe region from Ural in the east to Greenland in the west, and from the Baltic See in the south to the Arctic Ocean in the north.

In addition numerous old general studies on fish parasites have been included. The material of the bibliography constitutes Wurmer Lebedev basis of a subsequent database, which will also include a section of old synonym names. Further plans are, based on the database now under construction, to produce graphical presentations, or maps, on the distribution of parasite species in regions analysed.

From he start, it was evident that it would not be possible to find and include all the pertinent literature in the present first edition of the bibliography. Thus readers are kindly asked to submit missing old and new references to the authors to be included in a later edition of the bibliography.

List of publications arranged alphabetically according to author names, and year of publication. Index of scientific Latin names. An appendix, A Wurmer Lebedev fish names. List of scientific names, including synonyms and English names, of fish species included in the bibliography.

An appendix B of journal names and abbreviations with notes on year of publication. Recent changes regarding journals in Russia and adjacent regions are not included. Although the bibliography is by no means gegen Bandwurm sicheres Medikament, and as it does not cover all aspects of fish diseases, like bacterial and viral diseases, it is still hoped that it will be of use when information related to parasite diseases of fish is analysed.

Special thanks are directed to Dr David Gibson, Natural History Museum, London for use of literature data. Mrs Irine Pugacheva, a specialist of database management, has given us continuous advice and has Wurmer Lebedev most of the data base on periodical journals.

We also acknowledge the assistance of the technical staff of the department of pathology at the National Veterinary and Food Research Institutue in Helsinki and of Stud. Veronica Fagerholm for help in introducing information to the bibliography. Quelques flagelles intestinaux nouveaux ou peu connus. A comparison of adult D. Die Sporenbildung bei Ceratomyxa drepanopsettae mihi. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, Amsterdam: Elsevier Biomedical Press.

Cardiff: National Wurmer Lebedev of Wales, No. Wurmer Lebedev of the fdght.c0.pls. Wurmer Lebedev systematic value of certain characters of the alimentary canal. Etude monographoque du merlu - Merluccius merluccius L. Proceedings of the Veterinaerhygienisk forenings arlige etterutdannningskurs. Proceedings of the Workshop in Kiel. Proceedings of the Den norske veterinaerforening.

Proceedings of the Respublikanskoi konferencii po problemam rybokhozjastvennych issledovanii vnutrennich vodoemov Karelii. Proceedings of Wurmer Lebedev Bolezni i parazity Wurmer Lebedev Ledovitomorskoi Wurmer Lebedev v predelach SSSR.

Occurrence in pike, Esox lucius L. Cariophyllaeides fennica Schneider Cestoda: Caryophyllidea in Lake Bogstad. XXX: Description of Proteocephalus sp. A comparison of the plerocercoid and adult stage. The history of fish trematode investigations in Norway and the Norwegian species of the order Monogenea. Proceedings of the International Congress of Zoology. The Norwegian species of the orders Aspidogastrea and Digenea Gasterostomata. Proceedings of the Konferanse om Oppdret av Marin Fisk.

Electrophoretic evidence for species status of sea-water and fresh-water forms. Piroplasmida: Haemohormidiidae in Salmo trutta. Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea infection on growth in farmed salmon Salmo salar L. Proceedings Wurmer Lebedev the International Symposium on Monogenea. Trials with bunamidine, praziqantel and levamisol. Trials with niclosamid, toltrazuril, phenosulfonphthalein and rafoxanide. History, description, synonymy and Wurmer Lebedev. Fish parasite fauna of small lakes.

In fdght.c0.plc Arts Press Inc. Report to the WGPDMO-working group. Proceedings of the Veterinary Association Meeting.

Proceedings of the Finnish Veterenary Association. Proceedings of the Wurmer Lebedev symposium within the program of the Soviet-Finnish Wurmer Lebedev. Methods for studying fish parasites. Observations on protozoans of the genera Trychophrya, Chilodonella and Ichthyophthirius. Ciliates of the genus Apiosoma. Ein Beitrag zur Naturgeschichte der Lernaeen. Proceedings of the Symposium of the American Fisheries Society.

Paris: Disciple edition edited by H. With special reference to British and go here European forms. Les copepodes Philichthyidae Confrontation du donne es actuelles. Observations sur des metacercaires des cette famille. A new species of Plistophora invading the muscles of a cod. Meddn Flora fenn. Fylkesmannen i buskenind, rapport Wurmer Lebedev. Ernst Moritz fdght.c0.plwald,, Math.

An experimental Wurmer Lebedev of the species identity. Proceedings Wurmer Lebedev the Nordisk Utbildingskonferens i Aquacultur. Nematoda: Spirurida Attaining sexual maturity in Gammarus spp. A revaluation of the pathogenity.

Acta Flora fenn. Kenmackenzia and Kenmackenziinae subfamnov. Digenea, Sclerodistomidae new taxa to accommodate the giant trematode Distoma gigas Nardo. Digenea: Derogenidae from the stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus L. Monogenea from flounders of the White Sea. Proceedings of the IV Zjazdu fdght.c0.plr.

Cestoda, Pseudophyllidea in the Baltic region. An experimental investigation of Copepods as first intermediate host for Diphyllobothrium norvegicum Vik.

Copepods as Wurmer Lebedev intermediate hosts. Its morphological adaptability and host specificity. On the composition of the parasite fauna of coarse fish in Wurmer Lebedev river Glomma, South-Eastern Norway. Seasonal cycles of Wurmer Lebedev parasites in the river Glomma. Parasites in the Wurmer Lebedev environment, biology and ecology. The distribution of Cyathocephalus truncatus Pallas in the intestine of brown trout Salmo trutta L.

An experimental study of the ability of Diphyllobothrium latum L. Copepoda Wurmer Lebedev and hemiparasita. Proceedings of the British Society for Parasitology. Acanthocephala in ringed seals Pusa hispida in the Bothnian Bay, Finland.

Berlin: Gottlieb Lange In Wurmer Lebedev. Proceedings of the British, Netherlands and Belgium Societies for Parasitology with Belgian Society of Protozoology. Direktoratet for Wurmer Lebedev og Ferskvannsfisk, Reguleringsundersokelsene, Rapport no. Structure of larva and adult worm. Joyeux, C, Baer, J. Wimpertiere oder Ciliata Infusoria. Proceedings of the Vsesojuznoi Wurmer Lebedev molodych uchenych i specialistov.

Osteichhtyes, Pleuronectidae Wurmer Lebedev Danish and adjacent waters, with Wurmer Lebedev reference to their life-histories. Osteichthyes, Gadidae from Danish and adjacent waters, with special reference to their life-histories. Proceedings of the ICES Mini-Symposium. Digenea: Heterophyidae: Pygidiopsinae Wurmer Lebedev the grey heron Ardea cinerea L.

A synopsis of genera and species of Mixosporidia. Monogenoidea: Gyrodactylidae from the nasal cavities of White sea Wurmer Lebedev. Proceedings of the Allunion symposium on Monogenoidea. With a note, erratum and an appendix. Scott a parasitic copepod of Zeugopterus punctatus. With an account of Peniculus clavatus, the conjunctive tubes of Chondracanthus Pravention in Darmwurmer von Kinder fur fur die Tabletten and the males Wurmer Lebedev Clavella dubia.

Zur Kenntnis der Fam. Wurmer Lebedev Synonymie der Centrolophus Cestoden. Nematoda, Ascaridia from flatfish from areas of the central Baltic. Research on parasitic flatworms. Abstracts of papers click here posters.

According data of parasitological investigations of fishes from the Leningrad region. Developmental cycles of fish nematodes. Abstract and oral presentation. Trematoda, Didymozoidae from Cubiceps panciradiatus Wurmer Lebedev eastern Atlantic. Nebst Bemerkungen zum naturlichen System der monogenen Trematoden. Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae from capelin, Mallotus villosus Mueller Pisces: Osmeridae in the northwest Atlantic Wurmer Lebedev redescription of L.

A specialist answers the fisherman. Wurmer Lebedev parasites of the Wurmer Lebedev lake. Fish parasites of the Konchezero region lakes. Nematode, Ascaridatain North Atlantic and Wurmer Lebedev waters. Proceedings of the Sovestchanie Ichthyologicheskoi komissii AN SSSR. Nova Acta Wurmer Lebedev, N. Proceedings of the Konferencii molodych uchenych po rybochozjastvennym issledovaniam.

Moscow: Nauka In Rus. Recherches sur quelque nematodes, partie systematique et oecologique. Reykjavik, Fiskarnir Islendsk dyr I pp. In: Grigore Antipa Ed. Durchgedachte Gescichte der in Baiern einheimischen und zahmen Thiere.

Muller und Acanthochondria depressa T. Maine a, Shore Fish. Wurmer Lebedev larva in Baltic herring, a new click the following article for the Baltic Sea. Nematoda in Baltic herring off Wurmer Lebedev coast of Finland.

Trematoda, Hemiurudae from salmon Salmo salar L. Bergen: University of Bergen,? Nematoda: Ascaridata in the northern North Sea, to the north of Scotland and at Faroe.

An examination of the value of some specific characters, including factors of relative growth. Infusorians of the genus Trichodina. Amphipoda from the south-east Baltic Sea Poland. Oslo, Norway: Univeristy of Oslo,? Ecological data and experimental studies. Methodology of fish disease surveys. Proceedings of the Annual conference of the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society. The level of our knowledge. Nematoda, Spirurataa parasite of the white sea cod.

Proceedings of the Nauchnoi konferencii Vsesojuznogo obstchestva germinthologov. Nematoda, Ascaridata larvae from the White sea fishes. Ascarophididae from the White sea. Sex ratio, body Wurmer Lebedev and embry development in rlation to season and site in intestine. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Biology and Wurmer Lebedev of Coregonids. I: Species maturing in fish in the northeastern Bothnian Bay an in a local lake.

Acanthocephala in the fish of the Bothnian Bay. Van den Broek, W. Cyathocephalus bei Kindern Wurmer Diat als and Schistocephalus solidus. Taxonomy and ecology of Diphyllobothrium norvegicum and the plerocercoid of Diphyllobothrium latum L. Plerocercoides of Diphyllobothrium spp. Occurrence and distribution of Eubothrium crassum and E.

An experiment in the control of Diphyllobothrium infections in trout. Proceedings of the Symposium po parasitologii i patologii morskich organizmov. Die Entwicklung des Article source von Diphyllobothrium latum. Protozoa, Mycrosporidia from the musculature of Lota lota and Osmerus eperlanus eperlanus ladogensis. Proceedings of the International Congress Wurmer Lebedev Limnology. A revision of the Finnish finds Wurmer Lebedev Diphyllobothrid plerocercoids.

Yakushev,, Freze, V. NWurmer Lebedev, A. Digenetic trematodes of fishes. The cestodes of vertebrates. The nematodes of vertebrates.

New York, London and Sydney: Interscience Publ. Acanthocephalaa parasite of smelt Osmerus Wurmer Lebedev L. I,II ; Wheeler A. Acta Societatis pro Fauna et Flora fdght.c0.plgforsiae. A: Scientia Rerum Naturalium. Acta Acta Medica fdght.c0.plolm. Formerly: Acta zool. Angewandte Annales Academiae Mediciae fdght.c0.plwa. Formerly: Roczniki Wurmer Lebedev Akademii Medyczeu w Szczecinie. See:fdght.c0.ply Annals of Scottish Natural fdght.c0.plrgh.

Annals of Tropical Medicine and fdght.c0.plool. Annales de la Societe des Sciences Naturelles de la Charente-Maritime. Societe des Sciences Naturelles de la Charente-Inferieure La Rochelle.

Archiv fur Fischerei fdght.c0.plchweig. Archiv der Freude der Naturgeschichte in Mecklenburg. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie und Planktonkunde.

Report on Marine [Meeresforsch. Formerly: Biuletyn Morskiego Laboratorium Rybackiego w Gdyni. Continued as: Prace Morskiego Instytutu Rybackiego w Gdyni. Bolm Boletim Da Sociedade Portuguesa de Ciencias Naturais. Bolletin Chileno de Parasitologia. Formerly: Journal of Fisheries Research Board of Canada. Community Health Community Health. ENSV Eesti N. Teaduste Wurmer Lebedev Toimetised Biologia. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal.

Eine zusammenstellung der Arktischen Tierformen. Ergebnisse der Deutschen Expedition in das Nordliche Eismeer. Fauna,Oslo Tiedoksianto-Information. Parasitology Institute source the Societe Scientiarum fdght.c0.plation. Continued as: Information of Parasitology Institute,Abo Akademi.

Continued as: Suomen fdght.c0.plki. See also Suomen Elainlaakarilechti. Fischereiwelt fdght.c0.plhrift fur die Gesampte fdght.c0.plg. Fishery Fishery Bulletin of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Formerly: Fishery and Wildlife fdght.c0.plment of Interior. Fiskejournalen Fiskejournalen Fisken Hav. Fisken og fdght.c0.plere Rapporter og Meldinger fra Fiskeridirektoratets Havforskningsinstitutt Bergen. Goteborgs Goteborgs Kungl. Vetenskaps och Vitterhets Samhalles fdght.c0.pllid. Formerly: Nya Wurmer Lebedev af Kongl. Wetenskaps och Witterhets Wurmer Lebedev. Continued as: Acta Regia Societatis Scientiarum et Litterarum fdght.c0.plburg.

Wurmer Lebedev der Seefischerei fdght.c0.plard. International Council for the Exploration of the fdght.c0.plhavn. ICES, International Council for the Exploration of the fdght.c0.plative Research Report. ICES, Wurmer Lebedev Council for the Exploration of the fdght.c0.pll du Conseil.

ICNAF International Commision for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries. Informationen fur die fdght.c0.plg. Formerly: Parasitology Institute of the Societe Scientiarum fdght.c0.plation. International Journal for fdght.c0.plJ. Izvestiya gosudarstvennogo nauchno-issledovatelskogo Instituta Ozernogo i Rechnogo Rybnogo Wurmer Lebedev. Izvestiya Tikhookeanskogo Nauchno-issledovatelskogo Instituta Rybnogo Khozyaistva i fdght.c0.plostok.

English translation of vol. Formerly: Izvestiya Leningradskogo Nauchno-issledovatelskogo Ikhtiologicheskogo fdght.c0.plrad. Continued Wurmer Lebedev Izvestiya Gosudarstvennogo Nauchno-issledovatelskogo Instituta Ozernogo i Rechnogo Rybnogo fdght.c0.plrad. Journal of Fish Journal of Fish and New York. Continued as: Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic [ Sci. Continued as: Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society of London.

Journal of Milk and Food Technology. Continued as: Journal of Food Protection. Journal of General fdght.c0.pldge. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United fdght.c0.plth. Journal of fdght.c0.pldings of the Zoological Society of London. Zugleich Jahrbuch des Staatlicher Wurmer Lebedev fur Naturkunde in Stuttgart. Journal of the Royal Society of New fdght.c0.plgton. Continued as: Biologiske fdght.c0.plige Danske Videnskabernes fdght.c0.plhavn.

Kungliga Fysiografiska Sallskapets i Lund Forhandlingar. Continued as: Annals and Magazine of Natural History; including Zoology,Botany and Geology. Meddelanden af Societas pro Fauna Flora fdght.c0.plgfors. Meddr Gronland Meddelelser om fdght.c0.plhavn.

Memoirs Liverpool Marine Biology Committee. Memoirs on Typical British Marine Plants and fdght.c0.plool Marine Biology Committee. Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora fdght.c0.plgfors. Wurmer Lebedev and Biochemical Parasitology. NAFO Northwest Atlantic Fisheries fdght.c0.plific Council Studies. Formerly: International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries. NINA Norsk institutt for naturforskning.

Netherlands Journals of Sea Research. Continued as: Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica. Continued Extraits des Proces-Verbaux des fdght.c0.ple Philomat h ique de Paris.

Nova Acta Nova Acta Academia Caesareae Leopoldino-Carolinae Germanicum Naturae Curiosorum. Nova Acta Leopoldina Nova Acta a. Nova Acta Physico-Medica Academiae Caesareae Leopoldino-Carolinae. Parasitology Research Parasitology Parasitology Today Parasitology Today.

Parassitologia Wurmer Lebedev Parazitologicheskii fdght.c0.plrad. Portugaliae Acta Prace Morskiego Instytutu Rybackiego w Gdyni.

Continued as: fdght.c0.plnger fdght.c0.pling. Wurmer Lebedev as: Marine fdght.c0.pltle-on-Tyne. Continued as: Report and fdght.c0.ply fdght.c0.pley. Reports on the Danish fdght.c0.plisk fdght.c0.plhavn.

Continued as: fdght.c0.plment of Marine Biology, University of Liverpool. Revue Medicale Wurmer Lebedev Veterinaire. Revue Suisse de fdght.c0.plinie Roczniki Pomorskiej Akademii Medycznej w Szczecinie. Sbornik Nauchnych fdght.c0.plrstvennyi Nauchno-issledovatelskii Institut Ozernogo i Rechnogo Rybnogo fdght.c0.plrad. Formerly: Izvestia Gosudarstvennogo Nauchno-Issledovatelskogo Instituta Ozernogo i Rechnogo Rybnogo Khozyaistva.

Scientific fdght.c0.plment of Free State. See Scientific fdght.c0.plies Branch,Department of Agriculture for [ Ire. Wurmer Lebedev as: Skrifter fra Denmarks Fiskeri-og fdght.c0.plhavn.

Simposia of British Wurmer Lebedev for fdght.c0.plued in Parasitology,Cambridge. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening. See Proceedings and Transactions of the Liverpool Biological Society []. Tropical Fish York.

See Lietuvos TSR Mokslu Akademijos Biologijos Institute Trudy Trudy Borodinskoi Biologicheskoi Stantsii v fdght.c0.plrad. Trudy Belomorskoi Biologicheskoi Stansii. Continued as: Trudy Karelskogo fdght.c0.pliya Nauk SSSR. Formerly: Trudy Karelskogo fdght.c0.pliya Nauk Wurmer Lebedev. Continued as: Trudy Murmanskogo Morskogo Biologicheskogo fdght.c0.pliya Nauk SSSR. Polyarnyi Nauchno-issledovatelskii i Proektnyi Institut Morskogo Rybnogo Khozyaistva i Okeanografii PINRO.

Trudy Zoologicheskogo fdght.c0.pliya Nauk fdght.c0.plrad. Continued as: Trudy Zoologicheskogo fdght.c0.plskaya Akademiya fdght.c0.plburg [Trudy,Petersburg]. Tvarminne Studs Tvarminne fdght.c0.plnne.

Universitetet i Bergen fdght.c0.pllingar og Arsberetning. Continued as: Arbok for Universitetet i fdght.c0.pltisk-Naturvitenskapelig Serie. University of fdght.c0.plations in fdght.c0.pley. Veroffentlichungen des Instituts fur Meeresforschung in Bremerhaven. Formerly: Vestnik Ceskoslovenske Zoologicke Spolecnosti v Praze.

Water Science and Technology. Continued as: Kieler Meeresforschungen [Kieler Meeresforsch. Ernst Moritz fdght.c0.plwald Wissenschafliche Zeitschrift Wurmer Lebedev Ernst Moritz Arndt-Universitat Greifswald. Zeitschrift fur Fleisch- Wurmer Lebedev Milchhygiene.

Continued as: Cell and Tissue [Cell Tissue Res. Formerly: Russkii Zoologicheskii Zhurnal. Zoology Faroes Zoology Wurmer Lebedev the Faroes. Zoology Iceland Zoology of fdght.c0.plvik. Zoology Publs Zoology Publications from Victoria University fdght.c0.plgton, New Zealand. Continued as: Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington.

Find more like this Our content Wurmer Lebedev added by our users. Wurmer Lebedev use this link to notify Wurmer Lebedev Report this file as copyright or Wurmer Lebedev. A bibliography and an index Wurmer Lebedev on parasites and parasitic diseases of fish in Northern Europe. Find more like this.

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Wurmer Lebedev

Wurmer Lebedev refer to this blog post for more information. The Retzius cells RCs project an axonal branch in each anterior, posterior and dorsal segmental root. These inputs could form two systems, one converging onto RCs of each ganglion Wurmer Lebedev one distributing to other ganglia after Wurmer Lebedev by RCs.

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Author links open the author workspace. RCs are the only serotonin-containing neurons projecting to the periphery. RCs also receive an excitatory and an inhibitory input from sensilla. RCs play a role in muscle tension, in mucous release and in swimming activity. Recommended articles Elsevier About ScienceDirect More info access Shopping cart Contact and support Terms and conditions Privacy policy Cookies are used by this site.

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